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What is a Renovation Contractor?

A renovation contractor is a professional who specializes in renovating, repairing, or remodeling homes and buildings. A renovation contractor oversees a variety of projects, from minor repairs to large-scale renovations.

What’s The Difference Between A Renovation Contractor And A General Contractor?

The main difference between a renovation and a general contractor lies in their scope of work. A renovation contractor is explicitly focused on renovating existing structures and systems such as plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilation etc. While general contractors may oversee many similar construction tasks, generally they specialize in new construction and installations. 

If you’re planning a home reno or remodel, hiring a qualified and experienced renovation professional is essential. A good contractor will have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right, on time, and within the set budget.

When searching for a company to take on your home improvements, referrals are definitely one piece of your research.  Most importantly a face to face meeting with a company you are considering is of prime importance.  A meeting where you can  ask questions about their experience, a portfolio, and pricing should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience.  If you would like to have referrals from previous clients, the company will have a process in place to access clients you can contact that protects privacy for all yet provides information and feedback about the renovation process.

After the meeting you should feel confident in the company’s ability to understand and deliver on your vision. You should also feel you can tap into their ability and experience to provide professional insight and solutions that you may not readily access on your own.  That’s why you invite professional help with your project.   With the right contractor by your side, your home reno will be a success!

Meet the Renovation Contractor at Make It Real Design

Dana Willing - Renovation Contractor

Dana Willing is Make It Real’s project manager and home renovation contractor. He knows that every job is a team effort and believes that building an environment of trust and respect is the best way to get the job done. With 20 years of experience, he knows how to complete projects on time and on budget in the Greater Victoria Area.

Contractors can be your biggest ally in saving time and money on your renovation project.


Here are a few examples of the services we provide:

Kitchen Renovations: Our team will replace your outdated flooring, install modern cabinets and countertops, and create a more spacious culinary experience. We manage the entire process, from backsplashes to countertops, storage areas, appliances, sinks, and paint colors.

 Bathroom Renovation: We can help you create the most beautiful bathroom possible. We install sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, wet rooms, steam rooms, sitting areas, in-floor heating, tiles, vanities, countertops and lighting.

 Additions such as suites, bump outs.  We can assist with design, drawings, permitting.

Living Rooms and Home Offices: Refresh and reinvigorate your lighting, flooring, paneling, windowsills, and colour scheme. Whether you’re doing a full-scale makeover or just want to freshen up your house, we can help you showcase its finest features while also displaying your style and creativity.

Advantages of Working with a Renovation Professional

A home renovation contractor has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from when planning your project. Some specific advantages include:

Project Management Skills

Our contractor is experienced in managing timelines, the organization of tradespeople and will execute the job efficiently. Renovating any existing structure can unveil surprises. An experienced renovator has the oversight to catch potential problems early in the project and will bring solutions to challenges.

Trade Connections and Technical Know-How

Professional renovators come with established working relationships with the sub-trades and building suppliers. Longstanding relationships mean sub-contractors and suppliers are pre-screened for their reliability and years of experience. The contractor is a facilitator at the center of this group of go-to people. 

Design and Plans

Our company offers full interior design for floor plans, elevations, full 3D renderings as well as construction plans.  

Accurate Pricing

Experienced contractors know what it takes to do a job right. They know what it will cost. When the design is finalized and all finishes and details are worked out they should give you an accurate fixed price project. This means you decide on your investment once – not every hour and on every purchase on your project.

Adherence To Regulation

Knowing the implications of regulations will help define the actual cost of your renovation and how long the project will take. A seemingly simple project may be impacted by building codes that apply to wall structures, plumbing or electrical. Providing construction management and oversight from start to finish according to code and regulations is an important job function.

Insurance And Project Agreements

Make It Real Design carries both Liability Insurance and Work Safe coverage on all buildings and projects. Each project is unique and all our agreements include a detailed description of the work, projected timelines, project milestones, and transparent pricing and payment schedules.

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