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When it comes to designing and renovating a space inside of your home, it’s natural for some people to not even know where to start — but our Saanich house remodeling contractors have it down to a science.

Welcome to Make It Real Design, led by Dana and Sherry Willing. Here, we work with local residents on interior design and renovation projects. We bring together expertise in both interior design and construction so that we are able to provide you with spaces inside of your home that are modern, beautiful and functional.

But, we offer a few things that you’re not going to find with other house remodeling contractors in Saanich BC — some features that make the process simple, easy and keep your vision at the forefront of everything we do. One of those things is our four-part design process that ensures your input is accounted for and that you’re nothing but thrilled with the finished project. Here’s a look at how our four-step process works.

  • Getting to know you and your design needs. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all home remodeling or renovation plan. You and your family have individual and unique needs — and as your Saanich house remodeling contractors, we want to know about those needs so we can deliver on them.
  • Visualize your project. This is where we put your vision into tangible terms — layouts, floor plans and even 3D computer drawings with 360-degree views of the space. We plot all of this out before we even start the project.
  • Budget review and quote. This is why so many people are leery of working with house remodeling contractors in Saanich BC — they’re worried about being quoted one price and then asked to pay another. With us, we figure ALL expenses into your quote. The price we quote you is the price you will pay.
  • Finalizing project plans. Then, finally we nail down all the details before moving forward. This gives us a chance to review everything one last time before we mobilize construction crews to execute on the work.

You would be hard pressed to find Saanich house remodeling contractors who are this diligent in planning your project. It’s why Make It Real Design is so effective. Get started on your next project by seeking answers from our team — we are now offering free consultations!

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