The Importance Of Quality Materials In Home Renovations

Sherry Willing

By Sherry Willing

Lead interior designer and owner of Make It Real Design talks about what makes Victoria’s home design unique.

Carrying out renovations on your home can be stressful, but the incredible new spaces you can create make it all worthwhile in the end.

Thorough planning and construction are required to allow your vision to come to fruition. Another essential element to successful home renovation is the materials you use.

Many people might think the materials are a good place to make savings, but this isn’t accurate. Taking the time to select the best options ensures renovations are long-lasting and keeps them looking good.

High-quality materials are also more durable than cheaper alternatives. They are typically more sustainable as well.

This article covers how investing in quality materials can guarantee durability and practicality. This will help you make the right decisions when renovating your home.

Durability & Longevity: Investing in Quality Materials for Lasting Results 

You must consider the purpose of your materials and whether they will be used internally or externally. You need long-lasting building material that can be used in a number of applications, including:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Worksurfaces
  • Hardware
wood floors and sturdy cabinets make this a long-lasting remodel

Durable materials can withstand regular use or footfall without deteriorating quickly. They should also be able to withstand regular cleaning, whether they’re indoors or out. They can often have higher initial costs, but can be cost-effective in the long term.

Cheaper materials will help you complete projects on a budget, but you may have increased maintenance costs. They also won’t have the same lifespan as higher-quality materials.

To put it into context, a good laminate floor can look great and can last for decades. Experts say the lifespan of laminate flooring is between 10 and 15 years for average installations. High-quality installation can last up to 30 years.

Investing in a high-quality engineered hardwood floor, however, can last as long as 100 years.

Choosing Quality Materials for an Attractive & Cohesive Design

High-quality materials also look great. That is not to say there aren’t attractive cheaper alternatives. The combination of high-quality materials’ attractive finish and their longevity makes them a great investment.
Ceramic, porcelain, and slate floor tiles offer a range of styles to suit any home. Tiling on walls can also provide a stylish finish to kitchens or bathrooms.

Patterned tiles can be great for creating a statement, while dark slate tiles offer a timeless style.

Wall tiling in a shower is attractive, durable and inexpensive

Functionality: Using Quality Materials for Improved Performance & Efficiency

Aesthetics are important for both interior and exterior renovation, but the functionality of the materials you use is just as important. First and foremost, the material has to suit its use. If a material looks good but results in poor performance, it shouldn’t be considered.

Home renovation contractors often work better with some materials than others. Heavy or awkward materials mean it takes longer to complete renovation services, resulting in higher costs.

Big insulated windows from floor to ceiling

Insulated windows are a great example of choosing the right materials to benefit your house renovation. They make use of Low-E (low emissivity) glass coatings to minimize heat from direct sunlight. It also helps to minimize heat loss in your home.

Insulated glass also has great acoustic properties and can cut down on unwanted outside noise.

Recommended Quality Materials: Make It Real Design’s Top Picks for Home Renovations

To ensure you pick the best materials for your project, I have selected my top picks that will prove to be a great investment. These are:

  • Engineered hardwood:

    Hardwood has been a popular flooring choice for years, but it is not without its problems. Natural hardwood planks require a lot of maintenance and can suffer from warping or moisture damage. Engineered hardwood is a more stable option. It won’t warp in extreme temperatures and has low maintenance costs. It can also be used for a bathroom or kitchen renovation without fear of issues from moisture.

  • Insulated windows:

    Choosing windows that minimize heat loss and stop rooms from getting too hot in direct sunlight is a great choice. They will also help with noise reduction.

  • Recycled steel:

    For a great sustainable building material, you might want to consider recycled steel. It is a strong and durable material that is easy to handle and affordable.

  • Porcelain tiles:

    Porcelain tiles are my pick because they are more durable and water-resistant than ceramic tiles. They are also available in a great range of patterns to suit all styles.

Keep it local: As I’ve already mentioned, using local products will make your renovation more eco-friendly. Make It Real Design specifically prefers to use British Columbia products – wood from local mills, as well as local marble. These materials are top quality and will reduce your carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendliness: Choosing Quality Materials for Sustainable & Environmentally-Friendly Design

Choosing the right home renovation contractor is essential to creating your vision. They can also help to ensure your dream home is created using sustainable materials.

Project management services will help the project run smoothly, on time, and on budget. They will be able to select environmentally friendly options that will complement existing materials. Recycled steel and engineered lumber are great options.

Indoor and outdoor renovations can also make use of existing materials. Locally sourced, high-quality materials can cut down on shipping costs.

High-quality materials from British Columbia will minimize the carbon footprint of your project.

kitchen remodel with quality hardwood floors
kitchen with quality countertops and high-end appliances

We’re ready to help you transform your home in Greater Victora!

Sherry Willing

Lead Designer & Co-Owner, Make It Real Design


Are sub-contractors used to renovate homes?

It is possible that a general contractor may hire a sub-contractor for some work. You can ask if this is the case and check the quality of the sub-contractor before agreeing. We have an excellent network of subcontractors that we’ve worked with for years. When working with people who are passionate about their area of specialization, you can expect high levels of craftsmanship and professionalism.

How long does remodeling a new kitchen space take?

A reasonable time frame for remodeling a new kitchen space, from concept to finish, could be 3 months to 5 months. You should discuss timeframes before agreeing to any contracts.

Can I stay in my house while the contractors renovate different living areas?

Your contractor will be able to discuss whether it is possible for you to stay in the property at each renovation stage. Safety will be the key factor in this decision. It’s often possible to section off work areas during different stages of the project.


As you can see, using high-quality materials offers an excellent range of benefits. These include longer-lasting materials and lower maintenance costs.

They are ideal if you want your project to stand the test of time, and are great if you want an eco-friendly project. They can also improve the aesthetic of your home.

Using the renovation services of Make It Real Design can help you enjoy long-lasting, quality work.

Our complete home renovation service can transform the rooms in your home, including:

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Kitchen renovations
  • Laundry room renovations
  • Unfinished basement renovations

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We finish projects on time and on budget with no hidden fees. Get in touch today if you want to enjoy your dream kitchen or bathroom, or have any other home renovation project you wish to discuss.

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