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Are You Looking To Renovate Your Home In Victoria?

Are you tired of the same old living spaces around your house? Could your bathroom, kitchen, or living room use a renovation? Are you craving for that special feeling whenever you step into your home? How do you achieve it? 

You have a well-constructed house, and you like it.  What if you could go beyond liking it; to loving it? If you are ready to try something new, contact Make It Real Design today. We are a renovation contractor serving Victoria with a mission to help you create a comfortable, and awe-inspiring dream home. 


 Our Design Consultations

 Sometimes you know that you want a change, but your idea of that change isn’t quite clear. Make It Real Design can help you refine your vision and bring it into focus during a sit-down design consultation for the space in question.


Home Renovation Services

Moving into a new home entails a lot. Two people will hardly have the same taste. This is why you need a professional home renovation to make sure your new house becomes your home. Make It Real Design provides bathroom, kitchen, and living room renovations.   

  • Bathrooms: We improve and install things like layouts, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, wet rooms, steam rooms, seating, in-floor heating, tile work, vanities, countertops, glass walls and doors, lighting and colour.
  • Kitchens: We can add your personal touch to kitchen components like flooring, lighting, cabinetry, backsplashes, countertops, storage spaces, appliances and sinks.
  • Living rooms: We can reinvigorate your lighting, flooring, panelling, windowsills, and colour scheme.

 Whether you’re planning a full-scale renovation or are just considering a refresh, we can help you show off your home’s best assets as well as your own personal creativity. We make sure to listen, provide expert advice, and strive to understand what you want for your home within your budget.

 During our design consultations, our Interior Designer encourages client input.  We create concept drawings and offer perspectives for you to consider. The first step to make your dream space a reality is to put it down on paper.  We bring a complete team and manage all parts of the project.  Working with us means you get our managed services through the project duration.


Make It Real Design

Make It Real Design works hard to keep our clients involved in every step of the renovation process. Whether you’re a renovation veteran or you’re just starting on your first home improvement project we promise to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding. Our team of dedicated professionals will treat your home home renovation as though it were ours. You won’t need to worry about poor execution. 

Now is the moment for you to complete your home renovation in Victoria. Get in touch with us now. Schedule your 1 hour no obligation consultation! 

Are you planning a bathroom renovation?

Make it real. Start a conversation with us.

The bathroom may be the busiest room in your house. Whether it is grand central in the morning for your family, or a luxurious retreat at the end of the day – a bathroom renovation can make life run smoothly, add comfort and luxury and improve a home’s value.

We know layouts, tubs, walk-in showers, wet rooms, steam rooms, seating, in-floor heating, tiles, vanities, counter-tops, glass walls and doors, lighting, colour, faucets, drains, toilets, fans, sinks, lighting and the list continues.

Are you planning a kitchen reno?

Make it real. Start a conversation with us.

The kitchen in your home…It’s a space where living happens. The kitchen is a sharing place and a meeting place. It’s sometimes a me space, an us space, a we space. A kitchen transformation can make life easier – for working, for eating, for sharing and increasing your home’s value. Your kitchen,
whether tiny or large, can be the most captivating room in your home. 

We know floor plans, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, backsplashes, countertops, storage, appliances, sinks, paint colour.

Meet Dana

in Victoria

Dana Willing is Make It Real’s Victoria project manager. He knows every project is a team effort and believes that building an environment of trust and respect is the best way to get the job done.

Dana has been at the helm of project management throughout his working life, from his time as a scientific fieldworker, to his roles in business development and financial management. He has a special aptitude valuing the personal and technical details of a project, and Dana’s ability to relate and communicate with people at every level sustains personal and project confidence throughout the process. Whether he’s working with a client entering their first renovation, or completing another project for an experienced client, Dana’s attention to detail and commitment to fostering strong working relationships ensures jobs remain on schedule and within budget.

Meet Arin

in the South Okanagan

Arin Willing is Make It Real’s South Okanagan project manager. He is a tile & stone specialist. He works in collaboration with our lead designer, Sherry. He is a skillful planner in his own right and is constantly developing his 3D design and rendering skills.

For 10 years, Arin has been a lead estimator and project manager, supervising installation teams of over 50 skilled workers. Arin enjoys the technical detail of our work and is constantly expanding his knowledge about all aspects of construction. He has a strong ability to see the big picture at all times. Arin is one of those
unique individuals who is a people person and a project person, balancing the needs of both. His clients appreciate him for his honesty, integrity and perseverance to do his best at all times.

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Arin has always been interested in figuring things out, how to improve things and find a better way to get things done. He is meticulous
on the job site, always leaving things neat and tidy.

Outside of work, Arin loves running and cycling. He closely follows the developments of public and private sector space programs and is always learning as much as he can about space and rocket science.



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