How to Bring Your Design Vision to Life: Tips

Sherry Willing

By Sherry Willing

Lead interior designer and owner of Make It Real Design

Having a clear design direction for a home renovation project is vital to success. However, it can be challenging to sort out all your ideas or select the right ones for you. 

That’s where working with a professional design team can make all the difference. You collaborate to design the best space using the things you want and need. 

We’re looking at the different phases of the design process including idea boards, 3D rendering, and collaboration to give you a better idea of the entire design process. 

Get your design thinking cap on. Let’s get to it.

Victoria Kitchen Rendering

This Victoria kitchen design began as a 3D rendering. 

Kitchen Design Completion

The completed kitchen is stunning!

Using Pinterest Boards To Bring Your Design Ideas Together 

Home renovations are exciting, even when they’re difficult to visualize. One fun way to express your sense of style is creating a Pinterest board that you can share with your designer. 

Your Pinterest board can contain images of rooms that you like and dislike, and you can add personal notes to each one. Going through your ideas board with your designer allows everyone to get on the same page at the early stages. It gets the creative juices flowing and sets the tone for creating a vision.

Comparing colors, materials, for a design project

Here are things to add to a Pinterest board to articulate your design vision:

  • Colours: Look for photos with colours you like

  • Materials: Notice the materials used inside homes. 

  • Furniture: If you’re interested in a specific style of furniture, be sure to add inspirational images to your vision board.

  • Lighting: Look for some pictures of lighting fixtures you like. It’s also good to look at other elements like lighting style – do you want your room to be bright or relaxed?

It’s also good to mention anything you don’t want in your design. For example, if you’re totally against carpets in the family room, you should bring that up during the visualization phase of our design process.

3D Renderings: Seeing Your Design Ideas In Action 

3D renderings are a designer’s best friend. These are digital representations of what your space is going to look like in real life. This planning tool can really help in ensuring everyone is on the same page and that you as the homeowner get what you want from a design perspective. 

Before spending too much money on your home renovation it’s important to have a fully formed design so you know what the end product will be. 3D renderings are also brilliant during the planning phase to change the layouts and see what will work best in the space. 

See how your vision would look with 3D renderings of your space.

Here is a 3D rendering of a living room space we worked on. As you can see, all design aspects are present to give the client a look at what the finished product would look like. This includes the furniture, lighting, colours, and artwork.

Collaborative Design Process: Bringing Your Design Vision To Life With Make It Real Design

Having ideas for your space is great, but making a blank canvas come to life is a totally different story. That’s why we believe in a collaborative design process. 

We work with you from the general vision board phase of the project to producing the end result. We work alongside you, ensuring you get to the ultimate goal.

At Make It Real Design we provide guidance on what works and what doesn’t while still considering all your needs and desires. We have the experience to give you the best possible design work. 

Interior Design with art in bathroom

We believe that working with you is the key to success while making use of technology to bring everything together. We know the latest design trends and find ways to incorporate these while giving you an end result you’ll love. 

For instance, let’s say you provide us with a room example that uses outdated design techniques. We would take the overall aesthetic and suggest modern designs to create a space that has the best of both worlds.

Client Testimonials: Hear From Homeowners Who Brought Their Design Vision To Life with Make It Real Design

We don’t like to toot our own horn because we believe our design projects speak for themselves, but here is some feedback from some of our recent clients. 

“Excellent, excellent service. Make it Real helped to replace and redesign almost all of the interior of our home including our main bathroom, powder room and living room. All within schedule and budget. They were very selfless. My family is so delighted to know and to have worked with Dana and Sherry. I recommend them with confidence to anyone looking for professional, genuine, and satisfactory service. Thanks again guys!!!”


“As you know I was terrified of my decision to renovate, and jump into something more expensive than I had imagined, I’m glad I chose to move forward with you both at Make It Real Design. Dana, thank you for your attention to detail throughout the project. The contractors/professionals you chose were great and had nothing but good things to say about you as a Project Manager. Sherry and Nikita, thanks for your suggestions and assistance guiding me through the selection and delivery of materials.” 


We loved working with these clients and we commit ourselves to provide outstanding design services to all our clients. 

Working alongside you throughout the process is hugely important to us. We understand that renovations can be stressful and possibly scary. That’s why we’re here to help you along. 

There are no bad ideas or wrong ways to do things. We want our clients to feel comfortable sharing their needs and wants with us during the idea collaboration phase. The rest is up to us.


Do I need to know a lot about design to be involved?

No, that’s the beauty of working with a design team. You bring inspiration and things you want in the space and we do the design work to create a complete design blueprint. 

Does the design team work on the budget? 

Absolutely, the design team works with the budget set out from the start. You give the final approval of the price. 

How do I voice my ideas to the design team?

We understand that the design world can be intimidating. That’s why your collection of photos from online research are brilliant for bringing your ideas to the table. If you’re a little shy to speak up or get easily confused, these online resources are helpful.  You can send directly to the team with your thoughts.

Our Final Thoughts

Bringing your design vision to life is an exciting thing. We encourage you to take inspiration from other interiors, look closely at colours and materials, and enjoy the experience of creating a beautiful dream home that you helped design. 

We are here every step of the way, working alongside you to create a gorgeous space that works for your needs. 

At Make It Real Design we are a cohesive team, and you become part of that. We won’t leave you in the dark or with unanswered questions. We encourage your involvement in the design process because we can’t do it without you. 

Working with a design team will help you stay on track, and on budget. Leaving you with a space you truly love.

We’re ready to help you transform your home in Greater Victora!

Sherry Willing

Lead Designer & Co-Owner, Make It Real Design