They can add pops of colour, pattern and texture to your design, but it’s important to remember that tile is not simply a more durable way to ‘paint’ your walls. We love a basic floor to ceiling tile as much as the next person — installing them up and down an accent wall as if we were merely coating the surface with a paint roller — but here at Make It Real Design we ALSO like to think of tiles as pieces in a grand design puzzle! Just like you can pick up your paint brush and have fun splashing a little colour in unexpected places around your room, you can get just as creative with tiles; interchanging different pieces, arranging them in nooks and crannies and installing them on atypical surfaces.

For starters

There’s a bewildering amount of potential for tile in small-scale DYI projects. Just hit up your Pinterest board for an endless array of images showing how left over tile can be used in decorative mosaics and added onto old vases, planters, decorative trays and coffee tables — the inspiration is truly endless. But if you’re looking to take your tile game beyond the realm of small DIY projects there are a number of unique trends that you might want to consider…

First of all

Accent tile does not need to be limited to your kitchen backsplash. Imagine the personality you could bring to the heart of your home by wrapping your kitchen island (or peninsula) in a bold patterned tile; or echoing a statement tile on a feature wall in a corresponding room; or inlaying your favourite flashy tile in a display nook across the hall. Tile lends itself perfectly to a kind of three-dimensional collage. So next time you fall in love with a striking artisan tile don’t be afraid to go a little wild with your home’s tile-scape — pasting a little here, a little there, a little everywhere, for a fun artistic space.

Tile is also famous for its durability.

There are tiles that are made to look like wood, glass, shiplap, brick and even fabric, because as much as homeowners might love to incorporate softer materials for their warm varied textures (let’s face it) sometimes those lovely surfaces are no match for our pets or our kids. So there are an equal number of really functional (but still fun) ways to get creative with tile. For instance, for those ultra-splashy bath time routines we recommend the full wet-room approach — yes, we are suggesting not just floor TO ceiling tile, but floor AND ceiling tile. Or, for the woven area rug that just doesn’t stand a chance in the high-traffic areas of your home you might consider a ‘carpet’ of custom title. I mean, once you’ve got your layout pinned down, who’s to say that you can’t construct that ULTIMATE area rug out of a durable tile? If we can use tile to ‘paint’ colour onto a wall, who’s to say that we can’t use tile to draw a boarder or area run into the floor? Or assemble it as decorative molding on the wall? Or as skirting board along the floor? I think you get where we’re going with this one…

Give us a call and let’s collage your home’s perfect tile-scape together!