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Dana Willing is Make It Real’s project manager, and knows every project is a team effort. He believes that building an environment of trust and respect is the best way to get the job done. Dana has been at the helm of project management throughout his working life, from his time as a scientific fieldworker, to his roles in business development and financial management. He has a special aptitude valuing the personal and technical details of a project, and Dana’s ability to relate and communicate with people at every level sustains personal and project confidence throughout the process.

Whether he’s working with a client entering their first renovation, or completing another project for an experienced client, Dana’s attention to detail and commitment to fostering strong working relationships ensures jobs remain on schedule and within budget.

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Dana’s exposure to building began at a young age, watching his grandfather invent, build and repair almost anything. Fabricating ran in the family, and as a “rocket scientist” in his early teens, Dana was attracted to decoding puzzles and finding solutions to any problem at hand. When the world of renovation came calling, Dana knew he had found his life’s passion in precision tiling — a unique renovation puzzle he still loves today. Along with his reputation as “the guy who can fix anything,” those who work with Dana know him as someone with a gentle and firm approach to resolving challenges and getting things done. He’s also legendary for his neat and tidy job sites.

Outside of work, Dana spends his time hiking and following professional cycling, enjoying these activities with his wife and business partner, Sherry, their sons and the newest love of his life: his brand new granddaughter, Audrey.

Renovation Contractor in Victoria, B.C.

Are you tired of the same old living spaces around your house? Could your bathroom, kitchen, or living room use a renovation? If you’re ready to try something new, contact Make It Real Design today. We are a renovation contractor serving the Victoria, B.C., area with a mission to help you create your dream home out of the one you’ve already got.

Our Design Consultations

Sometimes you know that you want a change, but your idea of that change isn’t quite clear. Make It Real Design can help you refine your vision and bring it into focus during a sit-down design consultation for the space in question.

During our design consultations, we encourage our clients to add their own input, and we create concept drawings and offer perspectives for you to consider. The first step to make your dream space a reality is to put it down on paper.

Our Renovation Services

We at Make It Real Design are a husband–wife team that combines construction and design expertise to accomplish a variety of renovation projects, including:

  • Bathrooms: We improve and install things like layouts, sinks, toilets, tubs, showers, wet rooms, steam rooms, seating, in-floor heating, tile work, vanities, countertops, glass walls and doors, lighting and colour.
  • Kitchens: We can add your personal touch to kitchen components like flooring, lighting, cabinetry, backsplashes, countertops, storage spaces, appliances and sinks.
  • Living rooms: We can reinvigorate your lighting, flooring, panelling, windowsills, and colour scheme.

Whether you’re planning a full-scale renovation or are just considering a change in trim, we can help you show off your home’s best assets as well as your own personal creativity.

Our Guarantee

Make It Real Design works hard to keep our clients involved in every step of the renovation process. Whether you’re a renovation veteran or you’re just starting on your first home improvement, we promise to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

If you need a bathroom renovation contractor, an interior design consultant or a kitchen layout designer, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us today at 1.778.350.6900 to schedule your free one-hour consultation.



Construction, Victoria BC

Are you planning a bathroom renovation?

Make it real. Start a conversation with us.

The bathroom may be the busiest room in your house. Whether it is grand central in the morning for your family, or a luxurious retreat at the end of the day – a bathroom renovation can make life run smoothly, add comfort and luxury and improve a home’s value.

We know layouts, tubs, walk-in showers, wet rooms, steam rooms, seating, in-floor heating, tiles, vanities, counter-tops, glass walls and doors, lighting, colour, faucets, drains, toilets, fans, sinks, lighting and the list continues.

Are you planning a kitchen reno?

Make it real. Start a conversation with us.

The kitchen in your home…It’s a space where living happens. The kitchen is a sharing place and a meeting place. It’s sometimes a me space, an us space, a we space. A kitchen transformation can make life easier – for working, for eating, for sharing and increasing your home’s value. Your kitchen,
whether tiny or large, can be the most captivating room in your home. 

We know floor plans, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, backsplashes, countertops, storage, appliances, sinks, paint colour.