Surprising Ways a Condo Renovation Can Boost Your Happiness

Sherry Willing

By Sherry Willing

Lead interior designer and owner of Make It Real Design

Happiness starts at home – these words resonate with us. Your condo is your living space and should be a place away from the stress in life. 

To increase your happiness, we’re looking at ways you can improve your well-being by making design changes to your condo. 

We’ll look at design, functionality, storage, relaxing design aspects, and how all this can improve the value of your condo. 

Are you ready to start your home renovation project? Let’s get to it. 

Increase Natural Light for a Boost in Mood and Energy 

Increasing light in your condo can have a massive impact on boosting your mood. A UK study with over 500,000 participants found that access to the outdoors, even when just in sight, reduced people’s likelihood of developing long-term depression. 

The study participants reported feeling happier, with an elevated mood. 

Now, imagine you had all those benefits by simply increasing the natural light in your condo.

plants and notebook on a desk

Here are some condo renovations that may help:

  • Skylights: These are openings in the roof made from glass to allow natural light through the ceiling. If you’re on the top floor, this is a fantastic option.

  • Larger windows: Simply increasing the size of your windows lets in more light. If you’ve got windows that are partially covered, you can switch them out for larger, full windows.

  • Select lighter paint colours: When choosing your paint it’s best to stick with lighter colours, as they are more natural and reflect light better than darker colours.

We’ve used lighter colors and natural light in these condo kitchens. It opens up the spaces, making it inviting and bright. 

Kitchen Design Completion
Bright kitchen with natural lighting

Personalize Your Condo for a Sense of Ownership and Comfort 

Your condo is your space, and making it your own creates a sense of comfort and ownership. You know the available space is there for you and your needs.

Here are ways you can make the space your own:

  • Artwork: Choose art pieces that bring you a sense of calm and happiness. They should also match the aesthetic of the room. So, if it’s an open light space with light colours, select something with a similar vibe and maybe a few bright accents.

  • Custom storage solutions: Having storage spaces around the house is a fabulous way to declutter and keep things where they should be. Some options include cupboards, bookshelves, and cabinets. A messy, cluttered space can make you unnecessarily anxious. It also consumes existing space, making it look smaller.

  • Decorative accents: You should select accents that go with the overall aesthetic of your condo. If you’ve got a lighter space, then choose one or two accent colours to add something personally appealing. Sticking to natural accents like wood and stone can lighten up a room.

For example, the room pictured is quite closed off. The mismatch of tones and patterns doesn’t create a calming atmosphere and isn’t optimal for relaxing. The bookshelves are a nice touch, but with nowhere else to store items out of sight, surfaces may become cluttered.

Interior Design with art in bathroom

In contrast, we’ve created a light room and combined it with unobtrusive personalized storage – the cupboards and drawers. The wood accents add to the light and natural feel, while the blue adds a pop of colour and the monogram artwork keeps it personal.

Interior Design with art in bathroom

Improve Your Condo’s Functionality for Greater Convenience and Efficiency

Your condo should work with you and should be a haven where you can feel comfortable and at peace. Improving its functionality can make things a lot less stressful in everyday life.

While condo interior design is important, it needs to also be a livable space – good looks aren’t everything. Space optimization can improve the appearance of a room while also making it more organized.

Functional layout: Position your furniture and finishings in a way that flows. Shuffling around large furniture pieces when the space isn’t big enough will make you feel trapped and uncomfortable. Use furniture that works by optimizing space, not working against it. 

Storage: You should have access to everything that is convenient to you. You can do this with storage solutions like cupboards, shelves, and drawers to keep the space decluttered and open. 

High-quality fixtures: Your condo fixtures need to be quality; nothing can bring down the overall feel of a place like poor-quality furnishings. If you’re going to spend money on a condo renovation, spend it wisely. Light fixtures, rugs, switches, and handles should be well-made and fit the room.

Here we’ve used space optimization to remodel this kitchen, making it functional. Everything has a place that the owner can reach for and use easily. The fittings, like the tap, cupboards, and shelves, are solid, high-quality pieces that look intentional and stylish.

Interior Design with art in bathroom

Create Relaxing Spaces For Stress Relief And Tranquillity

Your condo should have a nook (or two) where you can relax and enjoy your unused space. They should create a sense of tranquility and stress relief. 

You can choose these spaces based on what you enjoy doing. If you like reading, then a reading nook is a wonderful stress-buster. 

If you enjoy a good soak in the tub, a spa-like bathroom might be the escape you need after a stressful day. 

Your condo is your territory, so you should have a space set aside dedicated to your well-being. You need somewhere to go to destress and relax, away from the outside world. 

Condo Renovation as an Investment: Improving Your Home’s Value and Appeal

Potential buyers are always looking for functional spaces with condo renovations.

Simple condominium renovations can increase your home value and potential return on investment. 

Buyers often want something modern and with unique design elements that fit with the overall decor. They should be functional, while still providing a sense of calm, away from the hustle and bustle of life. Having an aesthetically appealing and optimized space is a huge drawcard when selling or purchasing a property.


Is space optimization important?

Absolutely. Knowing how to use a space to its full potential can make your condo renovation a fun and exciting experience.

How can I use space optimization to my advantage?

Space optimization is all about using the entire space to its full potential. Nothing is random; it all has a purpose. You can improve the design of your condo and how it makes you feel by placing furnishings and fixtures strategically.

Our Final Thoughts

Your condo space should evoke a sense of happiness and calm. This is your private area where you can go after a long day and relax. 

Creating rooms that are functional and aesthetically pleasing can impact your mood drastically. Apart from that, well-planned renovations can increase your home’s value. 

Working with Make It Real Design, you can be sure you’re getting the best design advice and remodeling service. Understanding space optimization is our thing, and we have the experience to prove it. We commit ourselves to customer satisfaction, working together to create amazing designs.

We’re ready to help you transform your home in Greater Victora!

Sherry Willing

Lead Designer & Co-Owner, Make It Real Design