How To Select a Colour Palette For Your Home Renovation?

If you are contemplating designing for home renovation, such as bathroom and kitchen renovations, limiting thinking about colour to one room at a time can result in disjointed or even jarring decor.  Not that I am suggesting at all that everything needs to be one colour or variations of one colour.  But the colour palette you choose can make your project go from good to great.

Colour impacts every aspect of your home renovation including spaces that are untouched by the actual renovation.  Why?

Countertops intersect with other surfaces, kitchen cabinets and vanities meet flooring, and windows meet outside views for example.   When you’re standing in your living room do you see your main entrance?  When you’re in your family room do you see into the kitchen?  If the colours in those connected spaces work well together you create visual connection with colour!

Especially with open concept living, when you are in one room, you have sight lines or views into other rooms or spaces.  Colour from one space needs to work well with colour from another.  That is not to say that you can’t have rooms with entirely different colours:  rooms that are enclosed by walls and door are a great place to be creative with colour.  Powder rooms, as an example, are a terrific place for hits of colour you may not wish to have throughout your home. 

Creating A Colour Scheme or Palette

The colour palette extends beyond painted walls to all other basic parts of decor such as kitchen islands, furnishings, textiles (throws in your living room, rugs, cushions on your sofa, towels in your bathroom) even things like the your books and plants. 

How Do You Develop A Fresh Colour Palette?


I’m an artist (painter) and I’ve taught interior design to students in the profession of interior design. Even with years of experience, artists and interior designers can get stale with colour choices so it isn’t  uncommon to consider colour planning for your interior renovation project a bit of a challenge. Looking at design magazines and design websites can certainly provide you with ideas, but can be overwhelming .  In addition I find that even among trained designers, as well as the home owner designers, there is a tendency for “cookie cutter” colour schemes. 

So How Do You Begin And Acheive Something Fresh, Appealing And Cohesive?.


I look for inspiration in happy colour accidents or moments within my painting and the unusual in my every day encounters with colour.  Here’s an example.


A card by Victoria BC artist, Donna Ion and one of my own paintings were inspiration for the upholstery colour on this chair.

 Looking at the items on a piece of furniture inspired this paint palette for a client. Painting is from Victoria artist, Jennifer McIntyre.

Make It Real Design.


You may be surprised where you find inspiration for your next renovation colour scheme. In Victoria our natural environment is a terrific source of colour that you can bring into your home. If you need help in choosing colour for your next home renovation project, Contact Sherry at Make It Real Design can work with you. 


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