Pantry Efficiency

There are so many good things to say about open-concept floor plans, but if there’s one downside it’s got something to do with kitchen clutter, and that’s where an efficient pantry comes into play! A butler’s pantry with a little prep space can be a great compliment to open floor plan living, allowing you to easily tuck away dirty dishes and other visual clutter that comes along with busy family living. But let’s be honest, sometimes we just don’t want to give up any more precious square footage to another closed off compartmentalized closet space, so we’ve got to learn to get creative with our panty designs.

How do we use our pantry?

We all use our pantries differently. Some of us have got a lot of baking supplies, some of us are all about the canned goods. Perhaps you’ve got a favourite espresso machine that takes up almost two feet of counter space, as well as a high powered blender that you NEED daily access to for those quick morning smoothies. Here at Make It Real Design, our professional home renovation contractors know the ins-and-outs of efficient pantries —no matter how crowded your current pantry and no matter how many small appliances seem to demand your attention on a daily basis.

First of all custom pantries are where it’s at! Prefab is great for some things, but when it comes to the wonderful world of pantries — these eclectic and ever changing storage spaces — nothing beats a pullout pantry that was specifically selected for your lifestyle, or an appliance garage that was custom built to house all of your treasured kitchen gadgets. Custom design not only ensures that every drawer will close smoothly, but also that all of your favourite cereal boxes will shelve easily. It also accounts for the fact that your pantry needs to change with you. Let’s face it, pantries are some of the busiest places in our homes. They are mini rooms in and of their own right. So they need to consider the constant flow of items and flux of priorities that you will throw at them. A good pantry deserves the same careful attention as any other high traffic area in your home. And, pro tip — the best pantries account for all of these things without over taking your prep space. An efficient pantry never utilizes too much square footage, and it always bears in mind the tall, low, deep, wide and narrow crevices that your unique kitchen footprint has to offer.

SO, are you ready to talk pantries with us? Because we’re just getting started! There are A LOT more organizational hacks to map and pantry visions to dream. Contact us now for more Home Renovation and Interior Design enquiries.