The Mental Health Benefits of a Beautiful Bathroom

Sherry Willing

By Sherry Willing

Lead interior designer and owner of Make It Real Design

Mental health is something we all need to be aware of, as mental health is vital to quality of life. Studies have shown that improving your living space can have a massive impact on your well-being. 

The bathroom remodel often gets put on the backburner, but having a calm, private and relaxing space can make a huge difference. 

We’re looking at how to create a serene bathroom space, personalize your bathroom, improve its functionality and incorporate innovative features, as well as how a bathroom remodel can increase your home’s value. 

Above all, we’re looking at how these five things can improve your well-being. 

Let’s get remodelling!

Create A Serene And Calming Space For Stress Relief 

It’s a simple fact of life that things get stressful. While this may feel overwhelming at times, the good news is that there are proactive ways you can destress at home.

The bathroom is generally an afterthought in home renovations, but it should be one of the first rooms you think about when creating a calm space to relax. 

We all know that relaxing in warm water is a good way to relieve tension, but what about the area around your water source? It’s no good sitting in a hot bath and hating your surroundings.

That’s where bathroom renovations can make all the difference. 

This doesn’t mean you need to grab the hammer and start hacking away the walls. Simple bathroom remodeling can make your space serene and calm. 

Here are some pointers:

  • Choose natural materials: Using natural materials provides a fresh take on the traditional bathroom. Materials like wood and stone can add elegance to the room while remaining durable. 
  • Selecting soothing colours: It’s best to keep it simple when it comes to paint colours. Too loud and it won’t be a relaxing space to come home to. We recommend selecting soft colours like white, light greys, and beige as a base. Then add accent pieces to bring the style to life. Popular options include golds, lavender, and deep browns.   
  • Soft lighting: If you don’t have natural lighting in your bathroom, this is the perfect chance to select soft lighting to create a calm space. You can use different lighting strengths overhead, around the mirror, and in the bathing area to create more or less light for your needs. A dimmer here is also helpful.
Light points in a bathroom help keep it bright yet soothing.

We’ve used multiple different light points to complement the room’s natural tones. 

We recommend selecting bulbs with less brightness around the bath. There’s nothing worse than a bright, luminescent bulb burning your eyes while you’re trying to relax. Bright light can be extremely harsh when coupled with the plain white walls and bold accents.

Personalize Your Bathroom For A Sense Of Ownership And Comfort

Having a room in your house that meets your personal needs will give you a sense of comfort and ownership. As you walk in, you know that the design and features of your own bathroom are just how you like them. 

Let’s look at a few examples:

Custom storage: We all have our way of storing things in the bathroom. Whether or not you like top drawers for makeup or personal hygiene products is up to your personal preference. What matters is having the right storage method that works well for you. It’s comforting to know your items are where you need them. 

Artwork: Bathrooms are a great place to hang art. We spend quite a bit of time in this room and often forget to make it aesthetically pleasing, even if it’s just for our own eyes. Pick an art piece that brings you peace while fitting in with the overall feel. 

Decorative accents: Select accent pieces that match your vibe. For example, if you’re a plant lover, then incorporate that into the space. Many plants, including orchids, thrive in a bathroom environment.

Function and aesthetic in bathroom design

Here’s a good example. The drawers provide space for personal items, removing clutter from countertops. The wallpaper and plant are great decorative pieces that fit in with the bathroom’s aesthetic.

Improve Your Bathroom’s Functionality For Greater Convenience And Efficiency

A big part of overcoming anxiety and feeling overwhelmed is cleaning your space. By that, we don’t just mean grabbing a sponge and some floor cleaner. 

You should declutter your small space as much as possible. Clutter equals stress in our book, so the less there is the better. 

It’s important that your essentials have a space out of sight. Using a storage solution like drawers or shelves with baskets is a good affordable option. 

Adding in some high-quality bathroom components like towel hooks adds to the space without making it messy. 

By looking at the space, we can plan what the functional layout will be. From there, we create a space that is functional, practical, and overall comforting.  

Here’s an example of sufficient storage under the vanity, along with towel rails that add dimension and functionality.

Function can fit with any aesthetic.

Incorporate Luxurious Features For A Spa-Like Experience At Home

There are hundreds of luxurious features you can add to your bathroom to give you a full spa experience from the comfort of your own home, including:

  • Heated floors: Forget freezing toes after your shower – your feet will be toasty at all times. 
  • A soaking tub: You can spend hours relaxing your body in a good-sized tub.
  • Heated towel rails: Great for keeping you warm after the tub.
  • A rain shower: You’ll feel as close to nature as possible with a good rain shower to relax in. 
  • A steam shower: This is the epitome of a spa day. A steam shower genuinely makes the space feel more relaxing.

For some, these additions seem like an unnecessary expense. To us, they are simple ways to make your bathroom a calming place that promotes your well-being. By prioritizing the elements that bring you the most joy, you can create a bathroom you’ll love.

Bathroom Renovation as an Investment: Improving Your Home’s Value and Appeal

A good bathroom can increase your home’s value. Buyers are always looking for a calm space that is well put together with the right fittings. 

Nobody wants to walk into a cramped, cluttered room, so a good bathroom design with the proper furnishings can take your home to the next level. 

Bathroom renovation done well can increase your property value by a significant amount.


Do I need to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful bathroom?

No – that’s the great thing about bathroom remodeling. Even the smallest upgrade makes a massive difference. You don’t need a complete overhaul.

Can a well-designed bathroom help me sleep better?

Yes, having a beautiful bathroom creates a calm space before heading off to bed. A long, hot bath or shower before jumping into a cozy bed is great for a blissful night’s sleep.

Our Final Thoughts

Remodeling your bathroom has psychological benefits. Using the space you have and making it as inviting and calm as possible can make a real difference to your emotional and overall health. 

It’s not only about looking great, however, but making the room functional to fit your needs. 

At Make It Real Design we work with you to find the best solutions. Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction mean you’ll be living your bathroom remodeling dream in no time.

We’re ready to help you transform your home in Greater Victora!

Sherry Willing

Lead Designer & Co-Owner, Make It Real Design