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About Make It Real Design

Make It Real Design is lead by husband and wife team Dana and Sherry Willing. They bring their unique backgrounds in art and science to every project, resulting in beautiful, high-quality spaces tailored to their clients’ needs.

Dana is the renovation contractor who oversees project management, while Sherry is the lead interior designer who creates the vision for each space. Together, they take on any size project and see it through from start to finish. Whether you’re considering a small update or a complete renovation, Make It Real Design has the experience and expertise to make your vision a reality.

Renovation team at Make It Real Design in Victoria, BC
Dana, Renovation Contractor
Sherry, Lead Designer
Luke, Carpenter

Sherry Willing

Sherry Willing, Interior Designer, Victoria BC

Sherry’s travels and her relationships with others at the forefront of interior design provide a wealth of inspiration and design ideas. Most of all, Sherry watches the design trends of Australia and Mexico, as these two cultures emphasize functional and beautiful design in the home and everyday life.

Sherry regularly travels to Australia, where there’s a high value on building design, interiors and public spaces. Through thoughtful planning, Sherry designs for the enjoyment of life and the finer things, both accomplished at all budgets.

When planning interior home design, Sherry considers the bigger picture. From her background in art and connections with museums and galleries, she knows that even small design elements can hugely impact living spaces. She uses her background in art education to communicate the design vision to everyone involved in a project.  

Dana Willing

Dana uses a scientific approach to everything he does, methodically and strategically completing projects. He’s managed several scientific and tech-based businesses–overseeing accounting, financing and capitalization.

Dana loves working with his hands as a renovation contractor and seeing rooms come together tangibly. Multitasking, coordinating and seeing renovations completed on a budget make him an excellent project manager. For those nervous about the impact a renovation will have on their schedule or finances, Dana can provide the details to put them at ease. 

Dana also has an eye for design and a keen awareness of his materials. He worked as a researcher in forest management and owned a tile business for many years. Quality materials are key to a satisfying outcome, and clients are often amazed when Dana remembers the specific materials used in their previous renovations – even years later.

Dana Willing, Renovation Contractor

Nikita Cyr

Meet Nikita Cyr, interior designer at Make It Real Design

Prior to joining Make It Real Design, in Victoria, Nikita’s world revolved around kitchens, so she’s uniquely positioned to help our clients with their kitchen design. Nikita originally trained as a chef, then worked in restaurant and business management prior to branching out as a food and interior stylist and designer.  Nikita has led multiple design and renovation projects as challenging as designing and opening a new restaurant in New York.  She has worked hard to learn the complex skills required of a designer in the field of home renovation and has successfully integrated the amazing people and business skills that brought her success in past endeavors.  

Nikita is one of the unique individuals who loves and excels at “big picture” level of project design & management and the minutia of detail.  Nikita can see the potential in outdated, dysfunctional, and even empty spaces. She sees the big picture where others see confusion.   She has a strong sense of vision where clients may not.  She is a sensitive listener; understanding the needs of others and gives genuine respect to the ideas from clients.  Translating undefined concepts into executable plans is Nikita’s gift.   

She is a valued and creative designer with the Make It Real Design team; creatively crafting unique and beautiful spaces for our clients.   

Besides kitchen and home renovation design, Nikita loves her large and lively family, walking and hiking with her dog and indulging in her hobby of photography.  

Luke Bradley-Richmond

Luke brings care and focus, along with a playful nature to each carpentry project. After operating his construction company for over 10 years, Luke began working with Make It Real Design in 2018.  His carpentry and design experience are exceptional, and he’s loved for making each job site enjoyable.

Luke Bradley-Richmond, Carpenter with Make It Real Design

Liam Weyler

Liam Weyler, Carpenter with Make It Real Design

Liam joined our team with 4 years of comprehensive carpentry experience: from framing to interior finishing details, heritage restoration projects to contemporary custom cabinetry. Liam takes pride in working with a high degree of attention to detail and aesthetics; working as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality of work in whatever needs doing.

Fernando Luna

Fernando has more than 15 years of architectural and construction experience, with projects in housing, commerce and industry. Most recently he has applied 3D modeling and rendering to the world of kitchen and home design, working on high end projects around the world.

We feel very lucky to have his guidance and world class experience applied to our interior design projects. With his help, we have elevated our kitchen design to new levels and look forward to new home design capability.

Fernando Luna, Architectural Consultant with Make It Real Design

About the Interior Design and Renovation Business

If you’re looking for the best remodeling and design firm in Victoria, you’ve come to the right place. At Make It Real Design, our skilled team has everything it takes to provide you with the showstopping home renovation you deserve, be it a kitchen or bathroom remodel or a complete home update. With our 4-step design process, we’ll ensure you’re happy with your home.

Quality is the foundation of our business, and we use the best materials within our clients’ budgets. We give it our all so that our customers have top-notch work they can trust.


We’re proud to be a locally owned small business, and to have relationships with the best remodeling professionals in Victoria. We integrate design and construction for a smooth completion of projects from start to finish. Our lead designer and renovation contractor are in constant communication.


Homeowners throughout the Greater Victoria Area have trusted Make It Real Design with their interior design and renovation projects since 2001. Get in touch to find out why our remodeling services are the best in the area! 

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