Modern Home Office

It’s officially 2021, and by this point many of us have experienced the challenges of working at our dinning room tables, at our kitchen islands or even on our couches. There’s no question that the home office is here to stay and it’s become an essential part of our contemporary lifestyles.

So far we’ve learned that ergonomics are key — the important of a good chair or a standing desk just can’t be emphasized enough! We’ve started to invest in ergonomic keyboards and vertical mouses to relieve carpal tunnel pain, install monitor arms and stands on the back of our desks to alleviate wry neck, or purchase those comfy anti-fatigue matts for standing desks in an effort to be more mindful about our backs. All of these things are a great start to your home office set up, but there are so many other factors to creating a productive work space.

Jessica Geller from the New Jersey design firm Toledo Geller reminds us that “It’s never been clearer how much our home environment impacts how we feel and how productive we are.” A modern home office setup needs to be about form and function. It needs to serve our wrists, backs and necks, but it also needs to inspire and uplift our minds.Home Office

Have you considered the importance of having the right amount of natural light streaming into your office? What about the value of plants in improving air quality and stabilizing humidity levels? A clean, tidy and carefully curated home office design has been shown over and over again to reduce tension and anxiety and inspire productivity and creativity!

So it’s not just about potentially installing a new office window — and might we suggest one that you can crack open for a bit of fresh air after a stuffy Zoom meeting — but it’s also about selecting the appropriate window treatments. It’s about installing sleek storage and innovative organizational systems that inspire you to keep your space neat and orderly, so that at the end of the day it’s easier to shut off the work brain.

Layout is also key. Keep in mind that you don’t have to sit in a coroner. You might consider orienting your desk to face outward, toward the rest of your space, or strategically situated it in font of a window where you enjoy the view. AND, it just wouldn’t be a creative office space with out a bit of personalization in the artwork and accessories.

We realize that it’s not possible for everyone to have a dedicated office space, with a door that can be closed off at the end of each day, but we know that an office that is design for YOU and fits cohesively into your existing design will foster the best productivity and comfort during the day and when it’s time to check out for the night. So if you’re ready to make your creative home office renovation real, consider hiring a professional, right here, at Make It Real Design.