3D Rendering Services in Victoria, BC

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By Fernando Luna, Rendering Professional for Make It Real Design

It’s important to be able to show the design, without all the plans and technical information. The renderings are a language we all understand, whether we’re architects, designers, contractors, workers or homeowners. That’s what makes 3D rendering services so important. It really saves a lot of time when everyone’s on the same page. You can see a room exactly as it is going to be, no surprises, and I think that’s a good thing when it comes to something like home renovation.

What are the benefits of 3D rendering?

3D rendering services help in two aspects of the construction work:

  1. Helping the homeowner visualize the design exactly as it will be in real life. 
  2. Finding issues that could cause problems during construction.
3D rendering of a bathroom renovation design in Victoria, BC by Make It Real Design
3D design rendering of a green kitchen renovation in Victoria by Make It Real Design

3D models are built from the plans, sections and elevations of the design. Sometimes it’s possible to discover problems in the plans that it would be very hard to see on a 2D plan, issues that could cause a problem during the construction and may cost more money.

By doing a 3D model, you rehearse the real construction. If I can build the 3d model without any problems then most likely the construction team will do the same in real life.

What is the modeling and rendering process like?

Home gym renovation in Victoria by Make It Real Design

I try not to guess how the room is going to look. I just start modeling the first wall and then continue to the next thing. It’s really great to see how things start to come to life little by little, and you begin to understand what the designer was after. It’s a really cool feeling.

Another part I enjoy a lot is that you need to learn a lot of light physics to use the 3D software properly. Physics is a subject that I’m very interested in. I use Autodesk 3ds Max for modeling, V-Ray for rendering, Photoshop for post production adjustments and AutoCAD for plans and elevations.

Does the finished room look just like the 3D rendering?

Yes, the real thing will look exactly like the renderings. The only things that may look different are furniture and decorations. For example, I may use a generic bed in the 3D model. However, the space itself is modeled with the same information that’s given to the construction team, so it should look the same overall.

What is unique about interior design in Victoria, BC?

An open concept kitchen design in Victoria by Make It Real Design

Every region has its own unique style. Culture influences interior design in positive ways. I personally love the homes in colder climates and Victoria, BC home styles. They usually use a wood flooring and very neutral colors for the walls. I like that because it leaves a lot of room for the decoration to work its magic. The ceilings most of the time have some pitched angle and I think that looks amazing. When I work with designers from different areas with different perspectives, I get to learn a lot of design tendencies and that’s very fulfilling to me.

It really saves a lot of time when everyone’s on the same page. You can see a room exactly as it is going to be, no surprises.

Fernando Luna

Rendering Professional for Make It Real Design

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3D rendering of a bedroom design in Victoria by Make It Real Design